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Innovation is more than creating new technologies, products and services. It is about “doing” differently.¬†Around the world societies are attempting to build innovation ecosystems to fuel economic and social development. Diversity and inclusion are critical to their success and¬†new innovative approaches are needed to advance diversity and inclusion. IIIN is a collaborate network of over 100 experts and innovators, private sector, community and government organizations, interested in exploring collaborative, evidence based approaches to promoting innovation and inclusion.

We will explore key themes including:

Innovation processes and ecosystems and the role of diversity and inclusion in driving sustainable economic and social development
Dimensions and constructions of diversity and inclusion and their intersections
Measurement and tracking of diversity and inclusion and innovation
Barriers and enablers at the societal, organizational and individual level
Effective, evidence based approaches to advance innovation and inclusion.

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International Innovation and Inclusion Network (IIIN)

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